What is included in the rent?
All of the utility bills, plus broadband internet.
Do I need to pay for fixing plumbing?
No, we will send a plumber to fix the problem.
Can I extend my stay?
In most cases you will be able to extend your stay
How much do I need to pay before I move in?
Before you move in, you will need to pay 1 months rent in advance and 6 weeks security deposit along with the applicable fees.
What method of payments can I use?
The following methods of payment can be used: Cash, UK Debit cards, UK and International credit cards (a 2.5% surcharge applies), International debit cards (a 2.5% surcharge applies), Amex (a 4% surcharge applies) UK cheques and bankers drafts International and National bank transfers, Travellers Cheques (in UK Pounds Sterling only), If you require further information on any of the above, please email info@nottinghillapartments.com
What do I need to bring when signing the contract?
You will need to bring your Passport or equivalent, bank card and cleared funds for your first payment
Can I book a room if I am overseas?
Yes you can. To do so please call us on +44 207 221 22 88 or email us at info@nottinghillapartments.com
How do you calculate the rent?
Rent is calculated on a calendar month basis. To calculate your monthly rent you need to take your weekly rent and multiply by the 52 weeks of the year then divide it by 12 months. For example: Julia’s rent is £175 per week therefore her monthly rent is: £175 x 52 =£9100 £9100 / 12 = £758. Sarah therefore owes £758pcm (per calendar month). .
Who do we contact if there are any problems in the flat?
Notting Hill Apartments manages all of our properties and therefore if you experience any problems during your stay, please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will deal with the situation as quickly as possible.
Is there a telephone (landline) supplied in the property?
A landline and a handset is provided in majority of our flatshares. The phone in the flat is connected to the Internet and for the Internet only. You cannot make outgoing calls on this phone but you can use national and international phone cards and dial any 0800/0500 numbers. Please note that no phone line or handset is provided in the studios.
Am i responsible for any bills?
No. All utility bills are included in your rent (electricity, water, gas) along with internet broadband. However, note that the council tax and TV licence in some cases is not included.
Are the rooms/studios furnished?
All rooms/studios are typically fully furnished.
What is a holding deposit?
A holding deposit is the money that you will have to pay to secure the property. This money will go towards your 6 weeks security deposit should you proceed with renting the apartment. However, should you change your mind and decide not to go ahead with renting the property, you will lose this money and it will be credited towards the landlords cost of re-renting the property. The reason for paying the holding deposit therefore is to show your financial commitment to renting the property and in return it is taken off the market.
How much is the holding deposit?
The money you need to pay to secure the property amounts to 2 weeks of rent.
What is a security deposit?
Security deposit is the equivalent of 6 weeks rent that is held for security reasons only and refunded to you at the end of your contract.
What is the difference between the holding deposit and the security deposit?
The holding deposit is the money you pay to reserve the property before your moving in date. When you move in, the holding deposit will be credited towards your six weeks security deposit and therefore on your moving in date you only have to pay 4 weeks more. In other words, as soon as you move in, the holding deposit becomes part of your security deposit. The security deposit is the money that is kept to protect the landlord against potential damages in the property.
Can the deposit be used as the last months rent?
As the deposit is for security reasons only, it cannot be used towards paying your rent.
How do I get my deposit back?
Once your room/studio has been checked and the keys returned to the office, your deposit is then refunded within 28 days.