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Privacy Policy

Notting Hill Apartments Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy sets out how Notting Hill Apartments collects and uses personal data and in addition how such personal data is protected. Notting Hill Apartments strives to ensure that any personal data supplied by its customers or business partners is collected and handled both fairly and according to legal guidelines.

What sort of personal data do we collect? 

In order to provide our services, it is necessary to collect certain personal data. The data collected may include: company name, individuals’ names and job titles, billing and postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and other such information as may be required for individual services.

How do we collect the personal data? 

We collect personal data in a number of ways. Typically, this will be collected in online order or application forms but may also be collected in the form of questionnaires or forms completed by customers who wish to find out more about our services, from third parties, from marketing events or from partner companies.

How do we use the data held? 

Our main use of the data revolves around managing accounts, improving existing services, and marketing.


Notting Hill Apartments needs your personal data in order to manage the delivery of services and to answer queries relating to requirements, submit invoices and various other interactions with our customers.

Improving services 

Notting Hill Apartments may use personal data for the purposes of statistical analysis of sales and usage patterns in order to better serve our customer base and to develop new services based on such analysis.


Notting Hill Apartments may use personal data for the purposes of marketing to existing or potential customers. Such marketing may include informing customers of existing or new services. Where customers do not wish to be kept informed of any such products or services we will endeavor to ensure that wish is honoured.

To whom does Notting Hill Apartments disclose the data held? 

Notting Hill Apartments will share personal information throughout its internal departments in order to fulfill its obligations under any contracts undertaken with its customers. This will include but not be limited to sales, support and accounting departments.

Notting Hill Apartments will not share or disclose personal data except where:

1) It is ordered to do so by law

2) It is necessary to do so in order for contracted third parties to perform their duties such as for delivery or installation

3) Customer consent has been granted

How does Notting Hill Apartments secure the data it holds? 

Notting Hill Apartments takes customer confidentiality and security very seriously and has implemented security procedures that restrict access to and disclosure of personal data held. The effectiveness of and compliance with such procedures are reviewed from time to time and changes made where appropriate.

Data Protection Act 1998

We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998, and comply with the Act in all our dealings with your personal data.

Customers’ Rights 

The law in certain countries gives individuals whose personal data is held by Notting Hill Apartments a right to access and rectify personal data held about them including the right to: confirm that personal data is held, as well as a written description of such personal data, the purpose(s) for which it is being used, the source(s) of the personal data and details of any recipients request the deletion or amendment of personal data which is inaccurate to object to any unsolicited information sent by Notting Hill Apartments regarding promotions or new products and services.

How to contact us regarding data held 

If any individual wishes to contact Notting Hill Apartments regarding the personal data held about them or has any other question about our data privacy procedures, they should either email or write to The Data Protection Manager at our London office address published from time to time on our web site at

Policy Reviews and Updates 

As part of Notting Hill Apartments’ commitment to compliance with data privacy requirements, and to reflect any changes made to such requirements or of our own policies, Notting Hill Apartments may from time to time update this policy and will post such revised policies on our web site at